A White-out Weekend

A large part of the north east is without power this weekend as a very large snow storm blew through this weekend. This nor’easter came through with hurricane force winds and dumped two to three feet of snow on parts of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In some areas the wind reached a howling 70 miles per hour. It was so bad that it caused the governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut to order that no cars were allowed on the roads. The massive storm caused fear in many people as Sandy sat in the back of their heads. Grocery stores were packed with people trying to get food and water to outlast the storm in their homes. Sadly the storm seems to be the cause of 5 deaths. One of which was an 11 year old boy from Boston. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning while in a car trying to keep warm when his power went out. Now even though the snow has stopped people still need to keep cautious and stay safe.


Super Bowl Sunday! Millions of people will be tuning in to watch the game, but even more will be tuning in to watch the commercials. But is it the best way to get the advertising with a 30 second spot costing 4 million dollars? Many companies this year have put their commercials out a few days or weeks before kickoff. They figure that they can get more people through the internet or through smaller markets. A story I found on businessweek explains. They say that a company that premiers a commercial during the super bowl will get around 1.3 million views where if they put them out earlier on the internet they get around 9.1 million. Combining this with the money they save from not having to pay 4 million dollars will add up to a very large profit.

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