Syrian Rebel Eats Heart of Soldier

This week there has been a video that emerged has from Syria of a rebel eating the heart of a soldier. The rebels name is Abu Sakkar. He is heard on the video saying “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.”  The mutilation of dead bodies of enemies is a war crime. The leaders of the Free Syrian Army says they are going to find and severely punish Abu. Abu has also said that he has another video of him sawing a different soldier in half.

syrian rebel abu sakkar eats heart

I think it is a sad time when people have to resort to eating each other as a form of propaganda.  I also feel really bad thinking about the family of the soldier whose heart is being eaten.


Huffington post the whole video is on here but it is extememely graphic.

The Independent



Attack Drills Now In Schools

There have been attack drills in schools all across the nation. The drills are meant to simulate an intruder breaking in with a gun. Some schools have people come in with pistols that have blanks in them and start firing on the teachers and students. Some schools like a school in New York City made their attacks so real that teachers have called the police. The surprise drills are angering some parents because their kids are sending them scared texts in the middle of the day.


I think having these drills are good to have in schools. They may have caused a few problems, but their positive outcomes greatly outweigh the problems. The drills have shown teachers how truly unprepared they were. Many teachers though scared from the drills believed they have helped. The drills may have caused a scare with parents as well  but I think it would be better to have the drill and be prepared than to have the real thing be the first time.

Students in Elmira, Ore., “escape” in their mock drill. 


Radioactive Water Leaks From Power Plant In Japan

There was a radioactive water leak at the tsunami ravaged nuclear power plant in Japan. They said that they believe about 120 tons of the water had leaked though the inner lining of the tanks and some might have made it into the soil. They are now moving all of the water into another tank nearby and it may take several days. The tank is holding 13,000 tons of water which is the same as almost 5 Olympic swimming pools.

I think it is scary that all of that radioactive water can make it out into the ocean and floating all over the world. Then you could end up swallowing it every time you go to the ocean. It also would not just be effecting us it can also effect all of the animals that live in or eat what is in the water.

Image on 16 March 2011 of the four damaged reactor buildings

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Huffington Post

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Teachers Cheat in Alabama

This week in Atlanta 35 teachers were charged with racketeering and corruption. They were led to the cheating because of unexplainable gains in test scores. There were initially 180 charged with the cheating. The cheating was believed to start back in 2001 when the scores started improving.

I think what the teachers did was extremely wrong. If they could put that much work into cheating and hiding it then they could have put the work into trying to actually teach the students instead. I also think that the teachers were not very smart to think that they could get away with the cheating. All of the kids in a school don’t all just magically start doing incredibly better on the standardized tests.

Baby Shot in Georgia

This week down in Georgia a 18 month old baby was shot in the face. He was shot on a morning walk with his mother. Two teenage boys, one 17 and the other 14 walked up to the mother, Sherry West, pointed a gun at her and demanded money. She did not have any money on her so one of them shot at her hitting her and then shot her baby, Antonio, in the face. The seventeen year-old, De’Marquis Elkins, was charged as an adult with first degree murder. The fourteen year-old is a juvenile so his name was not given.

I think it is sad that two kids could commit murder to anyone let alone a baby. They should both be charged the most they can be charged. I could not imagine what they were think when they pulled the trigger. They must have been in a very bad situation to need money that bad.

Teachers Carrying Guns

A new law has been passed in South Dakota that allows teachers to carry firearms as a result of the elementary school shooting in Newtown. There are currently eight states that allow concealed firearms; they are Hawaii, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arizona, California, Oregon, Rhode Island and Utah. The difference is that South Dakota is allowing the teachers to have them and not be concealed. It is still of the school board if they would like to have their teachers carry guns.

Do you think a gun or a swimming pool is more dangerous to children? Well the swimming pool is the winner. Many more children die from swimming pools then children that die from guns.(Freakonomics) I do not think that the teachers need to be carrying guns weather they are concealed or not. A teacher could kill people just as easily as the people that you see on the news. There is also the chance that a student could find and take the gun and kill someone too.

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North Korea Threatens the US

This week North Korea has threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the US. They have also said that they wanted to end the armistice between them and South Korea. This was all a result of UN sanctions and US training drills in South Korea. The UN sanctions had said that they wanted North Korea to stop their nuclear arms program. The US drills in South Korea are annual and are used to train some of the South Korean military for possible scenarios of conflict with North Korea. video link: Korea threat

I do not think North Korea will carry out with the nuclear strike they are saying they will launch. They have made many threats like this before. They also have a large military and air force but they are both poorly trained and not well maintained.


Big Budget Cuts

This week there were large budget cuts implemented. They cut down government spending by $85 million in the next year and $1.2 trillion in the next ten. The cuts are going to affect many government run facilities, and some workers will have to be furloughed. As a result there will be consequences such as longer lines at airports. Here is a video link abc news.

The sequester was supposed to hurry the congress into negotiating a budget deal but that has obviously failed. I think that the congress men should really try harder at reaching a compromise. They need to not be so stubborn for the good of the country. If they could just get out of the grid lock then they should be able to help themselves and the country.

New Self-driving Car

Would you ever want to sit in the back seat of a car by yourself and having the car drive you to the grocery store? Well it may be happening soon. Recently people from Oxford University have been working on a self driving car. There are many people seem to be skeptical about letting a computer take control of the car.
The scientists are testing it at special testing grounds in Oxfordshire. This car uses different technology then what was tried before. This car cannot just drive you as soon as you get it. It does not use a gps system it memorizes your routes and then after that it can take you on the routes by itself. It uses two cameras on the front of the car to memorize the surroundings of the car and allows it to memorize the road. There is also a laser on the front that can detect if there is an obstacle blocking the car and then breaks to avoid it. They are also trying to keep the price down so it is affordable to the middle class.There is a good video explaining the car better on

Pope Benedict Resigns

In the Catholic Church there was some very big news this week as Pope Benedict XVI has resigned. He was the first Pope to resign in the past six hundred years. He said that he decided to resign because of age. He is currently 85 years old. The job of being pope was simply too strenuous for him. Not only was he the head of the Catholic Church but he was also the leader of the small country of the Vatican City. He has said that his “strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

His resignation has caused some problems. All of the cardinals now have to vote on the next Pope. This voting process is called the conclave. The conclave can last days and no cardinal is allowed to leave or even make phone call. There are currently 121 cardinals that are allowed to vote. The reason a conclave can last for days is that the cardinals must have a 67% majority vote. This conclave seems as though it will not take an extremely long amount of time and that we will have a new pope soon.
Video link Pope Benedict