Syrian Rebel Eats Heart of Soldier

This week there has been a video that emerged has from Syria of a rebel eating the heart of a soldier. The rebels name is Abu Sakkar. He is heard on the video saying “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.”  The mutilation of dead bodies of enemies is a war crime. The leaders of the Free Syrian Army says they are going to find and severely punish Abu. Abu has also said that he has another video of him sawing a different soldier in half.

syrian rebel abu sakkar eats heart

I think it is a sad time when people have to resort to eating each other as a form of propaganda.  I also feel really bad thinking about the family of the soldier whose heart is being eaten.


Huffington post the whole video is on here but it is extememely graphic.

The Independent



Attack Drills Now In Schools

There have been attack drills in schools all across the nation. The drills are meant to simulate an intruder breaking in with a gun. Some schools have people come in with pistols that have blanks in them and start firing on the teachers and students. Some schools like a school in New York City made their attacks so real that teachers have called the police. The surprise drills are angering some parents because their kids are sending them scared texts in the middle of the day.


I think having these drills are good to have in schools. They may have caused a few problems, but their positive outcomes greatly outweigh the problems. The drills have shown teachers how truly unprepared they were. Many teachers though scared from the drills believed they have helped. The drills may have caused a scare with parents as well  but I think it would be better to have the drill and be prepared than to have the real thing be the first time.

Students in Elmira, Ore., “escape” in their mock drill.