Radioactive Water Leaks From Power Plant In Japan

There was a radioactive water leak at the tsunami ravaged nuclear power plant in Japan. They said that they believe about 120 tons of the water had leaked though the inner lining of the tanks and some might have made it into the soil. They are now moving all of the water into another tank nearby and it may take several days. The tank is holding 13,000 tons of water which is the same as almost 5 Olympic swimming pools.

I think it is scary that all of that radioactive water can make it out into the ocean and floating all over the world. Then you could end up swallowing it every time you go to the ocean. It also would not just be effecting us it can also effect all of the animals that live in or eat what is in the water.

Image on 16 March 2011 of the four damaged reactor buildings

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Teachers Cheat in Alabama

This week in Atlanta 35 teachers were charged with racketeering and corruption. They were led to the cheating because of unexplainable gains in test scores. There were initially 180 charged with the cheating. The cheating was believed to start back in 2001 when the scores started improving.

I think what the teachers did was extremely wrong. If they could put that much work into cheating and hiding it then they could have put the work into trying to actually teach the students instead. I also think that the teachers were not very smart to think that they could get away with the cheating. All of the kids in a school don’t all just magically start doing incredibly better on the standardized tests.