Teachers Carrying Guns

A new law has been passed in South Dakota that allows teachers to carry firearms as a result of the elementary school shooting in Newtown. There are currently eight states that allow concealed firearms; they are Hawaii, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arizona, California, Oregon, Rhode Island and Utah. The difference is that South Dakota is allowing the teachers to have them and not be concealed. It is still of the school board if they would like to have their teachers carry guns.

Do you think a gun or a swimming pool is more dangerous to children? Well the swimming pool is the winner. Many more children die from swimming pools then children that die from guns.(Freakonomics) I do not think that the teachers need to be carrying guns weather they are concealed or not. A teacher could kill people just as easily as the people that you see on the news. There is also the chance that a student could find and take the gun and kill someone too.

video link


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