New Self-driving Car

Would you ever want to sit in the back seat of a car by yourself and having the car drive you to the grocery store? Well it may be happening soon. Recently people from Oxford University have been working on a self driving car. There are many people seem to be skeptical about letting a computer take control of the car.
The scientists are testing it at special testing grounds in Oxfordshire. This car uses different technology then what was tried before. This car cannot just drive you as soon as you get it. It does not use a gps system it memorizes your routes and then after that it can take you on the routes by itself. It uses two cameras on the front of the car to memorize the surroundings of the car and allows it to memorize the road. There is also a laser on the front that can detect if there is an obstacle blocking the car and then breaks to avoid it. They are also trying to keep the price down so it is affordable to the middle class.There is a good video explaining the car better on


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